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Best Home Care

At Angel Corps, we care about each and every client – and it shows. The testimonies below reflect our philosophy of improving the quality of life for our clients and our employees by providing support, care, and companionship.


“The thought or mention of Angel Corps gives me a warm fuzzy feeling knowing help is there when we need it. Everybody, the personnel contacted by phone or in person, and the hands-on caregivers are so pleasant, experienced and dependable. When someone is concerned about our home situation, I tell them Angel Corps is ready to help.

Lois Riddle is the primary caregiver and sister to Anna Steele, age 98.


“The staff are very nice to me.”


Maria Garcia, client


“Angel Corps has helped me in many ways: the caregiver talks to me
and helps me keep my house clean.”

“I look forward to my caregiver coming to my home.”

“The caregiver knows how to please me.”

“I am blessed to have the service because I don’t know where
I would be without it.”

“The staff are very caring.”


Yvonne Martin, client


“I really love Angel Corps- they have been great to me.”

“The staff come in and take over-I don’t have to tell them what I need done.”

“I would recommend Angel Corps to anyone who needs help.”

“I have had other agencies to help me but I did not like them.”

“Staff are very helpful.”


Gladys Durham, client


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