“Playful Grandpeople”

You may be interested in checking out the playful grandparents club. This information was submitted to us by a gentleman attending our presentation on “The Importance of Play” at IPFW’s “Rewire! Refire! Reboot!” for lifelong learners.
Grandparents.com & LEGO Duplo
LEGO DUPLO Play Line 1-(800)-835-4386

Let us know if you are a “Playful Grandpeople”!

I am,

Emergency Preparedness and Play

Emergency Plan

Angel Corps was represented at the District 3 Emergency Preparedness tabletop exercise in Fort Wayne on May 29, 2013. Lighthouse Readiness Group lead the exercise. We had 43 agencies represented from northeast Indiana with 125 attendees. We practiced for a disaster with our written plans. Amazing what a group of intent people may accomplish out of chaos. I am so pleased with the progress of our District 3 Hospitals integrating with outside agencies to ensure a response with positive outcomes. The exercise took me away from all my distractions for 5 hours! My joy was a “play” disaster with positive outcomes.


Please share your preparations for emergencies,

“Workation” for Playing

“Workation” was used to describe my appearance for work this past Monday. As all health care groups we have a dress code which includes shoes with toes covered. I decided to wear a long hawaiian styled dress and pulled back my hair with a white topical flower. Of course flats with toes covered. Try it and let us know what works for your “workation”.

Lake Play!

I did it! I finally experienced pure play on Saturday. Mason (8), Jaiden (3), and I (56) went fishing for monsters in the new warmth of the lake season. Time did not exhist as we set bait and planned our trapping efforts. At the end of our day my prayer of gratitude was for the many naturalists that have perserved the quality of our lake playground.

Please share your lake play story!
PS: I had the best sleep!

POST is law as of July!

Indiana POST – July 1, 2013

It’s final! The governor signed HE 1182, Physician Order for Scope of Treatment, into law earlier this week. The POST form will be available for use in Indiana beginning July 1, 2013. Although the form cannot be completed without a discussion regarding end of life wishes, hospices may want to insert this form into their admission packets and have it available should a patient wish to use it. Physician signature is required because the form is an order. IAHHC will offer webinars on POST in the near future.

Angel Corps supports the use of this form and will be attending the near future trainings.

Thank you to our local attorney, Keith Hoffman, and others for making this possible.


Your thoughts for Tapestry 2014

Thank you for attending Tapestry: A Day for You. We hope you enjoyed the day!
Please complete the Tapestry survey at the link below to help assist us to make 2014 even better.


Thank you for your continued support.

Memories of “Play” Time at Tapestry

Celebrate, we did, at Tapestry, A Day for You, on Friday, April 26. All 1,700 of us! What a “Play” date.
Kathleen Jackson and the team of volunteers were outstanding. I heard many positive comments especially when the wine cart drove by us. Smiling.
Margeaux and I appreciated everyone’s support in attending our Breakout Session on integrating “Play” into our lives. We welcome your sharing of your “Play” dates on our blog.